How to Determine If Your eCommerce Business Is Ready for International Sales

Anyone who has successfully gotten their business to an international level will tell you there are many things to consider when going global. Leave alone expansion issues, you need to be sensitive to the different cultures in our world. Then there is figuring out how to build your customer base in a new market, the financial capabilities of that market, as well as firms to partner with for successful market integration.

Good thing is that with your eCommerce business, expansion is easy since the internet is your only playing field. You do not have to invest millions of dollars on buildings, staffing, and the other issues offline businesses go through during expansion into new markets.

When you are thinking of taking your eCommerce business international, you will need to decide if your website meets the following three things:

Can your eCommerce business do online money transfers?

One of the main reasons for starting an eCommerce business is so you can get paid. So how can that happen if your site does not allow online transactions? You need to get shopping cart software that allows credit card payments online from any part of the world like PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Clients will appreciate buying products from a website that makes online credit card payments quick, easy and convenient. Plus you get to enjoy getting paid for your hard work.

Can your eCommerce business make easy delivery of products to paying clients?

One of the key things of shopping online is so you can get your products at your doorstep within the stipulated time. There is nothing worse than dealing with a client whose products did not get to them in time. The headache is not worth it. You can avoid it by making sure your eCommerce site can make on-time deliveries to clients, no matter which part of the world they live in.

Also, try to be transparent and honest. Clients love that. If you are penetrating a new market in the other corner of the world, estimate the time it will take for products to reach there. Provide that time on your site so they know exactly when their products will reach. If it will take 2 weeks, say it will take 2 weeks, and not 1 just so you can look efficient.

Is your eCommerce business website optimized to meet the local language?

There is no point for shoppers to visit a page with a foreign language they cannot understand. When going global, make sure you optimize your site to the local language. Also, create content that speaks to these needs and how your products will offer effective solutions.

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